Add an attachment to a Drupal Webform confirmation email

This is not how to include user submit files on a webform as attachments on an email, although mimemail will allow you to do that too. But rather the ability to send a single attachment to everyone who submits a specific webform. For instance, perhaps people are signing up for an event and they need to print off and sign a release form to bring with them and you want to send them a pdf as an attachment to a webform confirmation email.

URL Alias Permissions

I just released my first module on Drupal.org. It's pretty simple but I've begun using it on every site I setup now.

The URL Alias Permissions module allows site administrators to set permissions to create and edit url path settings by content type.

How to write your own module in Drupal 7

So this is my first post I figured a good place to start would be how to create a simple Drupal 7 module. I know there are many posts out there already about this but as many of my post will probably reference creating a simple module I figured it would be a good place to start that I can reference later.

So to create your first Drupal 7 module you will need to create two files. You’ll want to name your folder and files with your module name.

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